Vinayak Pharma is a fully licensed pharmacy based in India, we hold all of the proper licenses for dispensing and exporting pharmaceutical products from India. Our location is vital as we are located directly adjacent to several stock depots of the major India drug manufacturers. This allows us ready access to a vast array of products that supplements the inventory of stock that we our selves carry. This also allows us to reduce our operating costs as we do not have to carry as much inventory as would otherwise be required. More importantly for you, our client, this assures a direct chain of custody for the products we ship to your clients. With Vinayak Pharma you never have to worry about sub-standard products.

We offer full service drop shipping services to clients world wide. We are fully compliant with all export regulations in India, each shipment must be accompanied by a valid prescription for the products ordered. We can only dispense a 90 day supply due to USA regulations concerning import for personal consumption.

We offer two modes of shipping, the first being registered air mail, typical delivery times are 2 to 3 weeks using this service, a delivery confirmation tracking number is supplied for each shipment once the order has cleared India Customs. The second type of shipment is via EMS Speed Post, this delivery method is most costly but it offers faster delivery, 8 to 10 day typically, and also offers full tracking from the time the package leaves India until it is delivered to your client. We suggest this method of delivery for time sensitive shipments.

We have a 99.5% delivery success rate, but in the rare case that a package is lost or detained, we offer a re-shipping service as well. This service is optional and does carry a slight insurance cost.

Certain high value products always require additional insurance.
We also offer full service bulk export services, to use these services you must have all of the required licenses to accept the product in the destination country. You are also responsible for customs clearance in the destination country.

Privacy Policy:
Patients data:
We have processed many different orders of individual customers from different clients/pharmacies/ hospitals, etc, not a single client’s information has ever leaked or been passed on to any other person or company. As a standard policy of privacy for international retailing (drop shipping), from the order’s download, until the order is dispatched out of our premises the orders are open for the processing team, once the order is dispatched the order data is shifted to a safe location in our offices. After the delivery conformation, the complete record of the order is shifted to a safe location out side of the offices, and is directly under the control of the executive of Vinayak Pharma. We understand that your client list is just that, your client list.

Clients Details:
We do not disclose any of our clients details to anyone. No clients details are passed on to any one under any circumstances. Not only clients details but also their orders and order-processing systems are kept under tight security.
In case of reference requested by a new or prospective client, we first disclose his details to our existing clients, of course with his prior permission, and if our existing clients accepts the request and volunteers as a reference only then are details of contact are exchanged.